Bring Your Dream Site To Life In One Day With A Dedicated Designer

The perfect solution for service providers who are on a budget, and desire a quick launch with a professionally built website that helps them build trust, book more, and sell more.


Get a dedicated website designer for a day and create your dream site on a dime

A VIP day is a design intensive where you’ll partner with an expert designer who is solely focused on helping your business launch a website you’ll be proud to promote, and that helps you achieve more online.

With our signature design process we’ll create a scalable, impressive and user-friendly website that matches your brand aesthetic,
and showcases your services

— In one day


Startups and new brands looking for a quick launch with a polished look

We consider companies who are in the 1-3 year range for this package, so we can get you launched on a tight timeline and on a budget.

How It Works


We’ll talk about the best template for your business, your brand personality, and what you’d like to accomplish with the website to build out a website that will serve your business. Once the design is complete, we’ll email you a link to demo your new site, and implement any changes you’d like to see - helping you launch something you can be proud to promote in just one day.

  • Click the button below to get started, you’ll be redirected to a short form to share your business details, followed by a calendar to schedule a consultation with our team.

    We’ll discuss your vision, goals, templates we can use, and identify any areas where we’ll need to create additional graphics or features.

  • To secure your VIP design day, you’ll first schedule the meeting and then place your deposit which will be 50% of the total cost.

  • After your deposit is placed, you’ll receive a link to fill out a questionnaire that will walk you through each section of your new site. You’ll provide copy that we’ll review, and make strategic copy edits to, and implement on the site.

  • In a 45-minute session we’ll talk through the information you’ve submitted, branding, and layout selected to ensure we finish with a website you love and proudly represents your business.

  • We’ll get to work developing a mobile optimized website on Squarespace, implementing your chosen design with your brand aesthetic. We’ll make sure pages are set up with basic SEO so Google and other search engines will pick up your site.

  • Once the site is completed, send a link to Demo the site and submit any additional requests for changes. Once those revisions are implemented, you’ll receive a new link to demo the site and will have a final opportunity to tweak the design in a 45-minute pre-launch call with your designer.

  • Finally, we’ll connect your domain and set your site live! If you still want to work on the copy or any other parts of the site, we’ll provide you a tutorial on how to set the site live when you’re ready and provide 2-weeks of support once we complete our work.

What's Included

What's Included

  • 5-7 Page Website

  • Mobile Responsive Squarespace Website

  • SEO Optimization

  • Premier KStudio Strategic Layouts

  • 45-minute Strategy Call With Your Designer

  • 45-minute Pre-Launch Call

  • Custom Contact Forms

  • Newsletter Integration

  • Social Media Integrations

  • Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policies

  • 1 Revision Round

  • Tutorial Videos To Help You Manage Your Site

  • Project Preparatory Guide & Questionnaire

  • Domain Connect

  • 1 Week Post Launch Support

Choose The Pages Your Business Needs, Designed To Sell Your Specific Services


✦ Home Page

✦ About Page

✦ Contact Page

✦ Service Page


✦ Sales Landing Page



✦ Terms & Conditions

✦ Privacy PolicY

every site includes

Responsive Design

Our sites are designed to look great on every device so that you can meet your audience where-ever they are.

Strategic Layouts

Each website features stunning layouts that are user-friendly, and distill your brand message and purpose to build trust with your intended audience.

High-End Experience 

The signature process ensures you end up with a website that you’ll feel proud to promote, and accurately represents the sophistication of your brand.

The Investment

An important note:

When selecting to purchase the VIP Design Day, your investment includes a full day of design work, getting our undivided attention so that we can get as much done as possible. This does not guarantee a list of deliverables.

Nearly 99.9% of the time we will complete the work tasked to us during the VIP day, and in some cases our clients choose to book multiple days so that we can spend more time customizing their websites, or completing a second priority list .




✔ Up to 5-Pg Template Site
✔ 45-minute Strategy Call
✔ 45-minute Pre-Launch Call
✔ Custom Contact Form
✔ Responsive Website
✔ SEO Optimized
✔ Strategic Layouts

✔ Project Prep Guide
✔ Newsletter Integration
✔ Social Media Integrations
✔ 2 Revision Rounds
✔ Tutorial Videos
✔ Domain Connection
✔ 1 week Support

split into two payments

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